Soyaaulait ['soya ò le:] believes in multiculturalism, self-assurance and playfulness.


Individuals and social bonds stand at the heart of our corporate values.

The family unit forms the core on all of Soyaaulait's processes - from design and development to manufacturing, marketing and delivery.

As a small design house, we take a boutique approach to all activities surrounding the brand, and seek to engage with customers and partners to foster friendship as much as for mutual benefit. Working with independent artisans and craftspeople allow us to tap into a wealth of skills and techniques that bring a unique story to every Soyaaulait garment.

All Soyaaulait garments are designed and created in controlled environments. Safe workplaces and staff empowerment are essential in cultivating the quality craftsmanship we pride ourselves of turning out. Our staff members are encouraged to constantly develop their professional and personal skills.